Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Artisans in Midtown

Located in the Mix @ Midtown (where 24 Hour is located) this French restaurant is so unique & fun! The restaurant revolves around the kitchen. For a front row seat, ask to sit at the "chef's table" so you catch a glimpse at how clean everything is & the occasional drama. For foodies & chef lovers this is a must! I read reviews so I can know what to expect & have a hint on what to order - majority were right.... Service needs some work although our waiter was attentive & explained a lot. I got the tasting menu b/c of the reviews & I am so happy that I got to try so much. The most popular thing I saw on the reviews was the Chilean Seabass Pistachio Crusted which was great but not my favorite. So, the tasting menu... The amuse bouche tasted almost like a ceviche in two beautiful bites. It was citrusy, juicy, crunchy & delicious. Second course was the foie gras - cooked to perfection atop two pieces of bread. I didn't eat the bread so not sure how it tasted but everything else was quite nice. The third course was Le Poisson du Pacifique aka Chilean Seabass Pistachio Crusted - mine perhaps was a bit overcooked but it was tasty. I love risotto and I was terrified by what I thought were lima beans & didn't want to try but I made myself and in fact they were fava beans. They were an expert pair - fava beans & risotto, omg I adored this. I couldn't stop eating until I decided to push my plate away since I knew I had 2 more courses coming. Fourth course - I am not much of a carnivore but the Black Pepper Crusted Beef Tenderloin blew my mind! Not only was I full & ate the entire thing, but it left my mouth watering for more! I made my friends try it even though they were full. They loved it. The fingerling potatoes were cooked perfectly. Potatoes are my favorite thing in the world & these are by far some of the best I have ever had! They were crunchy on the outside and soft in the middle and everything had amazing seasoning. No need for salt or pepper. Fifth & final course - I was stuffed & was not happy about chocolate for dessert since I am not much of a chocoholic. But, one bite & I was sold! The only way I like chocolate is if there is a crunch factor, this one had it! The bottom crunch layer was "Crunchy Feuilletine" according to google it means "crunch" so that would mean crunch crunch lol, I assume it was chocolate on chocolate but prepared differently for a delectable bottom crust. The fresh berry compote and frozen yogurt were great compliments & were a great finale to an amazingly delicious dinner. I can't wait to go back! Wow does the place make an impression! Visit www.artisansrestaurant.com for more info. Jenny Vargas Broker Associate, CNE, Relo Specialist 281.948.2951 jenny@myplaceinhouston.com